Rifts are constantly living on the edge of their
Mythos and Logos. On the one hand, there is your
Mythos: a force so unfathomably sublime that you
may never be able to truly understand it. It urges
you to question the present makeup of your life,
go out there and investigate. It pushes you to the
boundaries of the everyday and beyond. It wants
you to discover what you truly are, what it is, and
bring it back to life. Its call echoes inside you all
the time, whether you heed it or not.
On the other hand, there is Logos: the life you
know. Regardless of whether it is a life of misery,
pleasure, indifference, or a mixture of them all,
your Logos is always drawing you back to the comfort
of what you know, backed by the lulling effect
of the Mist. Your life is ahead of you; there are people
whom you want to make happy or people you
want to hurt; there is your work, your home, your
habits, your family and friends. All these things are
real, are they not? Sometimes they are more real
than the legend living inside you. Even if you could
let go of them, why would you ever want to? They
define you, they make you who you are.
This struggle within your character is the foundation
for her development. On the surface, it may
seem your character wants to keep the status quo,
keep things as they are now, with Mythos and
Logos somehow balanced. But, in fact, your character
continuously takes actions that put this balance
at jeopardy: she investigates and she fights
for what she believes in. Sooner or later, you will
have to make hard choices: will I overlook a vile
crime to learn about the origin of my powers? Will
I forfeit a chance of a lifetime to save my family?
When you arrive at the moment of truth and make
such decisions, you and your friends at the table
learn more about your character: you discover
who she truly is.

City of Mist